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Event Facilitation

My strengths allow me to facilitate events / focus groups / workshops with ease and enthusiasm, ensuring an effective event for your organisation and an enjoyable learning opportunity for your employees.


Get More Time and Energy in your Life and Business
Mastermind Group

This isn’t one of those programmes where you get a load of theoretical ideas and are left to implement on your own (that’s often where it stops isn’t it!).

I not only share ideas, tips and strategies with you, you get training, how tos and other resources to enable you to move forwards. Then you can be sure that you are being most efficient and effective, completing tasks with ease freeing up time for you to do more of what you want to do!


How to Simplify your Life and Get to Do More of What You Want To Do 

Online Self Paced Course £97

Get clear about what you want to do in your life and work and what you don't want to do and then align your activity with the former and not the latter.

This self paced online course is delivered in bitesize pieces over 4 weeks but you can complete it over a longer period if you prefer; you get lifetime access!


Get Stuff Done with Ease
Online Accountability Programme £97

I will help you to 'Get Stuff Done with Ease'. That's your stuff, the stuff that you know you need to do to get you closer to your goals but that you just put off and don't end up doing.

It may be your bookkeeping, your de-cluttering, or your exercising every day, or even your book writing. Anything that you need to get done works with this programme!

There are three easy steps

1. Join a group
2. Identify your 4 week goal
3. Break your goal into small daily tasks

and Get Stuff Done with Ease!


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