How Can I Help You?

You can find out about the work that I do below, clicking on the relevant tab to describe who you are. With fairly eclectic skills and experience, at heart I am a facilitator so much of my work is bespoke.


The information below will give you some idea of the sort of stuff that I do but most of what I do is tailored to you, the client, and I'm always happy to chat about what that might look like.

At the same time I can't help myself but to offer up tips, ideas and resources along the way whether we end up working together or not so a complimentary call with me will always leave you with something to take away and action!

To find out how I can help you, click on the tab that best describes you!

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  • Corporate

A lot of my corporate work is bespoke.

Please get in touch if you're interested in employee engagement workshops, consultancy, focus groups, conference chairing and facilitation.

Event Facilitation

My strengths allow me to facilitate events / focus groups / workshops with ease and enthusiasm, ensuring an effective event for your organisation and an enjoyable learning opportunity for your employees.


Some Recent Work...

National Housing Federation Young Leaders Experience Conference
I chaired the two day National Housing Association Young Leaders Experience Conference with 220 up and coming leaders from within[...]
Birmingham City University Leader’s Course
I spoke at the Birmingham City University Conference for their leaders on the topic of employee engagement. This was followed[...]
Engage for Success Digital Lead & Consultant
I've worked with the Engage for Success movement since 2012, first as a volunteer and then as a retained Consultant.[...]

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