The Case for Heart Centred Leadership

Special Guest: Danielle Macleod, Founder, Somebody Inside

Danielle Macleod is the founder of a business called Somebody Inside. Somebody Inside is all about supporting women in creating a life of ease, joy and impact in the world.

She founded the business back in November 2016 when she was still Director of Customer Service for Sky TV after becoming a key advocate for Women in Leadership for the organisation.

When she’s not supporting women to create amazing lives for themselves, Danielle often speaks publicly on one of her favourite topics – the impact and importance of Heart Centred leadership and the Art of Ruthless Compassion, one of the key skills she believes is essential to modern leadership.

Danielle believes her own leadership transformed when she learned to tune into her heart and apply what it was saying to her leadership. Her results at Sky speak for themselves – Customer scores increased by over 130% in her time as leader and Sky was number one in every product suite in the industry according to Ofcom.

Join us as we talk about the ‘hard business case’ for Heart Centred Leadership.

Host: Jo Dodds

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