The Case for Heart Centred Leadership

Danielle Macleod

Special Guest: Danielle Macleod, Founder, Somebody Inside Danielle Macleod is the founder of a business called Somebody Inside. Somebody Inside is all about supporting women in creating a life of ease, joy and impact in the world. She founded the business back in November 2016 when she was still Director of Customer Service for Sky […]

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How are Simplifying your Life and Gratitude Linked?

simplifying your life

How are you doing in simplifying your life and identifying gratitude? Simplicity seems to be a bit of a common theme everywhere I turn at the moment. I guess it’s the new year influence but it also seems like a societal shift is taking place. Another theme within the coaching and personal development community is gratitude […]

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Scott Gould on Show #47: Finding Focus Through Flexibility Tradeoff

scott gould

Scott Gould is an engagement strategy consultant with nearly 20 years of experience. Most of his work revolves around creating frameworks, forming new ideas, and coming up with ingenious solutions to the difficult challenges his clients face. He describes his ideal day as walking around an inspiring city with his family while meeting new people […]

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8 Top Tips to Avoid Time Management Mistakes

time management mistakes

In the next in a series of guest blogs, tell us how to avoid time management mistakes Time management is a vital skill for all professionals to have, whether you’re in an entry-level position, a business owner or a board director. It’s easy for us to be distracted from our daily to-do list and […]

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Gail Morgan on Show #46: Image and Personal Branding

gail morgan

Gail Morgan has been privileged to work in the image industry for the last 25 years. She collaborated with John Lewis in establishing their fashion advisory service 15 years ago. She now helps professionals boost their confidence and increase their visibility through the clothes they wear and trains people to become image consultants, personal stylists, […]

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Mark Sephton on Show #45: How to Create Positive Influence through Reflection and Intentionality

mark sephton

Everything that Mark does in his work is all about influence – positive influence that could inspire change and growth in others. He intends to accomplish this by giving his best in the endeavours he has started. Mark’s radio show, the books he has written, and his consulting business that is focused on mentoring entrepreneurs […]

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